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Makita M2403 Cut-off Saw

355 mm (14″) 2,200 W Portable Cut-Off

  • 2,200 W continuous rating input (for high voltage areas only); The same high value as the competing models is achieved by changing the armature winding and by redesigning the air-cooling
  • High performance and durability at less expense
  • Powerful 2,200 W motor delivers 3,900 RPM for superior performance and durability
  • Large cutting capacity; Cuts up to 127 mm (5″) round and 102 mm (4″) x 194 mm (7-5/8″) rectangular
  • Adjustable spark guard designed to divert sparks
  • Two-stage lock-off power button for operator convenience (country-specific)
  • Adjustable guide plate provides three angle settings up to 45° L/R
  • Chain secures cutting head in down position for transport and storage
  • Large ergonomic handle (vertical) for operator comfort when performing various cutting applications
  • Carrying handle is ergonomically positioned to provide a balanced weight distribution for increased comfort while transporting the saw
  • Lightweight for increased job site portability
  • Quick release vise for increased operator convenience
  • Onboard hex wrench for fast and easy blade changes and keeping it from lost
  • Spindle lock for easy wheel changes
  • Externally accessible brushes for easy serviceability
  • Double insulated

₹ 11200
SKU: COMK240300